Committed to Life Science

 We are committed to developing nutraceutical products that enhance the health of those who use them.  

About Us


 We are passionate about producing safe, effective and innovate products that help contribute to overall health.


 We are unwavering when it comes to our people, processes and our high quality standards. 


 We strive to build a culture of development and a commitment to our community 


At Intrinsic Science we focus on research and development of nutraceuticals and supplements.

We focus on researching, developing specialty-focused formulas and supplements that provide significant benefit and value.

Consumer Health

Intrinsic Science consumer health for self-care.

Our vision is to make a better life reality through self-care. We know people can get well and stay well by taking charge of their health.

Challenges of a Better Tomorrow

Health challenges start with a healthy lifestyle.

 With a growing, aging population, we need to develop solutions today to live better and meet the health & nutrition demands of tomorrow.

Benefits of Our Research


Scientific Formulations

 We formulate our products based on a thorough research and review process to ensure that our end products provide top quality support. 


Targeted Ingredients

At every stage of product development, we make sure to use only the best ingredients available. Our manufacturing facility is FDA registered and cGMP certified.  


Essential Solutions

We continually review our products and processes to provide essential health solutions that help you achieve optimal health.

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